Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Winding Down With Whoopi

I'm not surprised to hear that Wake Up With Whoopi has ended its run on flagship station WKTU New York. The word is the Premiere-syndicated show will continue to run on its remaining 9 affiliates. But don't expect them to be around much longer either. The show never really offered much other than Whoopi and even though she denied it from the beginning, I wondered about her commitment to radio. Whoopi is an incredible "visual" talent and I never thought that those talents translated well on radio. She is captivating and interesting on "The View", compare that to the radio show...there is no comparison.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Star off The Hook...back on New York radio

This is not really a syndication issue but it's pretty big news. Troi Torain (Star) The former Premiere-syndicated morning man who was fired last year for comments he made about a rival DJ's daughter will announce his next New York gig tomorrow. That's according to the New York Daily News. The paper says the station will be WNYZ at 87.7 FM, which is actually a low-power television station on Channel 6 that's currently broadcasting audio only. The signal covers Manhattan, parts of Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx, and Northern New Jersey along the Hudson River. Formerly an "Ethnic" music station, WNYZ is flipping to Top 40 with the addition of "Star and Buc Wild." Star was last heard on Clear Channel's WWPR "Power 105.1", as well as ten other hip-hop stations across the country via syndication. He's also known for his gig as the top-rated morning host on Emmis WQHT "Hot 97" in New York, where he made his name as a controversial personality. A press conference is set for Wednesday morning, Nov. 28, to officially announce the station and Star's hire. Think about it...Star goes from two of the biggest and most influential radio stations in the country and national syndication to a low-powered FM. Now it's debatable whether he should have seen the light of day again since what he said was despicable....but who better to take a chance on him than a low-powered signal with nothing to lose and everything to gain. If this generates the amount of buzz in New York that I think it will, people will be breaking their necks to hear this show, even if they have to string antennas to do it! Then I guarantee you Channel 6 will be audio only no more. Star on TV rebuilding a cult following. This is genius. Star started his career on local access cable television and he's simply going back to his roots to build it up again. I hate what he said and whatever was behind it, but I love this....stay tuned!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Is Wendy Williams Posturing?

I know that The Queen of Radio is very good at positioning herself, as well she should because I happen to think she is one of the most talented and underrated talkers out there. So it was no surprise when one of my coworkers told me that an anonymous source had leaked to the New York Daily News that her contract at WBLS was ending and "she's looking". Wendy would be a good fit for a couple of radio groups in New York and one in particular would be a great fit. But knowing Wendy and a little bit about where she fits in the New York landscape and in national syndication, it looks to be more negotiating though the media than anything else. I shouldn't say much else about this one...just keep your ears open.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Citadel Taking It's Sweet Time With Imus Syndication

Just got back from a pretty eventful birthday weekend for my wife and I. Now it looks like Citadel is going to take a little time before it rolls out the Don Imus Show for national syndication. He'll start locally on WABC in New York on December 3rd, but won't be up on ABC Radio Network bird for syndication until about a month later. Makes sense, not only do they get a chance to create some fresh buzz for the show but any dust that may be kicked up surrounding his return to the airwaves will probably have settled by then.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Making Of Clinton Sparks' "Smashtime Radio"

The Greaseman...OUT

One of Don Imus' contemporaries, Doug "The Greaseman" Tracht will do his last show on Friday morning. Tracht has been syndicating from flagship WMET, Washington, DC. buying brokered time on the station. A far cry from his salad days when he was making over a million dollars a year and Infinity was syndicating him nationwide. In February 1999 " The Greaseman"had his career crash when he commented about a song by Lauryn Hill by saying "no wonder they drag them behind trucks," a reference to the brutal murder of James Byrd by two white supremacists who killed the black man by dragging him behind a pickup. Greaseman used to be one of the big boys, It's funny how during the whole Imus thing I didn't hear one reference to Grease and his situation. It took The Greaseman forever to find a job and then he was reduced to paying to stay on the air. In the meantime Imus signs a multi million dollar deal with Citadel to do mornings on WABC months after the Rutgers incident. The Greaseman is a pretty intelligent and savy communicator so it's not a difference in talent. Was it a difference in the severity of the comments? Is Imus more locked into the Washington elite? If you don't know the back story on Grease check it out and let me know what you think.

Got Syndication News?

Syndication News

Corcoran Upped at Dial Global

Chris Corcoran has been named senior VP of Dial Global's programming division. In addition, he will also be GM of show prep division, as well as oversee affiliate sales for both prep and programming. Corcoran previously served as VP of affiliate management for the company.

BA 's Smooth News

Broadcast Architecture has launched their "smooth news" service. The service is live and available for SMOOTH JAZZ NETWORK affiliates and is fed directly from the company’s websites and

Sovereign City Tests "Jim and Debbie"

Sovereign City Communications has begun beta testing a new morning show targeting women 35-54. "Your Morning with Jim and Debbie" will be anchored by former WCBS-FM New York personality Jim Harrington and WGKX Memphis morning host Debbie Montgomery. The show which is part of Sovereigns "positive programming" concept has no set start date.

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