Sunday, December 16, 2007

Baisden On In Miami

Now comes word that ABC's Michael Baisden has replaced Ken James at Cox WQHT in Miami. The announcement came after Baisden's appearance at the I Rock The Mic conference in Miami, (which by the way is where his syndicated show originates) a few weeks ago. Baisden's spiel throughout the weekend was about how radio has abdicated it's role in developing local personalities paving the way for national talent like himself and he sounded almost apologetic about the number of jobs that he has taken over the past few years. Baisden is absolutely right in his position on radio's lack of talent development and I was in fact impressed by his candor and compassion for the local jobs that are being lost. But now a little less that 2 weeks later another local talent losses his job to Mike, in Miami no less. I just can't help but wonder if all of the talk at the conference was done with the knowledge of what was to come...things that make you go hmmm.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Imus Returns

Well I guess all is well in some parts of the world...Don Imus is back. The show debuted on WABC this morning with a live broadcast from Town Hall. Didn't hear much of it, but what I did hear was nothing new, John McCain, Doris Kearns...same stuff. Show comes back with about twelve affiliates including WTKK Boston and WTAR Norfolk. By the way, African-American comedians Karith Foster and Tony Powell, were added to the show for what will be an "ongoing discussion about race relations." Imus didn't do too well toe to toe with Al Sharpton on the subject... let's see how long it takes him to get flustered with these two.

The WWE...Taking The World One Platform at a Time

...The WWE as in the Wendy Williams Experience. Wendy recently announced plans to debut a one hour TV talk show to roll out in New York in spring 2008. Add The Wendy Williams Show to her afternoon radio show on WBLS New York syndicated by Superadio and On The Down Low with Wendy Williams distributed by American Urban Radio as well as her book deal through Doubleday, and the Queen rivals Oprah as one of the hardest working women in show business. Wendy also has a HUGE presence on the Internet as well as marketing and endorsement deals all over the place. She gets the idea that having a daily soapbox on terrestrial radio is the springboard for extending the WWE brand, but I would not be at all surprised if she's a target for the combined Sirius/XM entity after the merger. She's just that kind of larger than life personality. Opie and Anthony do both...why can't she?

Got Syndication News?

Syndication News

Corcoran Upped at Dial Global

Chris Corcoran has been named senior VP of Dial Global's programming division. In addition, he will also be GM of show prep division, as well as oversee affiliate sales for both prep and programming. Corcoran previously served as VP of affiliate management for the company.

BA 's Smooth News

Broadcast Architecture has launched their "smooth news" service. The service is live and available for SMOOTH JAZZ NETWORK affiliates and is fed directly from the company’s websites and

Sovereign City Tests "Jim and Debbie"

Sovereign City Communications has begun beta testing a new morning show targeting women 35-54. "Your Morning with Jim and Debbie" will be anchored by former WCBS-FM New York personality Jim Harrington and WGKX Memphis morning host Debbie Montgomery. The show which is part of Sovereigns "positive programming" concept has no set start date.

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