Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Another Hollywood Milestone!

Sean "Hollywood" Hamilton
's got Keith Sweat by nine years, at least in the syndication department. United Stations Radio Network's "Hollywood Hamilton's Weekend Top 30" is celebrating it's 10th year in syndication this month. Over the years the show has morphed from a primarily Rhythmic CHR countdown to one that offers a couple of versions for both Rhythm and Pop leaning Top 40's. Hollywood is one of those jocks that has had an illustrious and colorful career, (WHTZ, KIIS, WKTU ) and should come up in conversations about the top air talents in Pop radio history, at least when it comes to exposure. The story on how his early syndicated show "Hangin With Hollywood" got canned by Disney (it was done live from Disneyland) by Michael Eisner himself is priceless.

A New Move-In at the Sweat Hotel

The amenities must be nice... Happy Birthday to Premiere Radio Network's "The Keith Sweat Hotel" which debuted February 27, 2007. The live 7p-midnight show celebrated a year in syndication by picking up Cumulus Urban AC KSSM Killeen, Texas as its 21st affiliate. The "Hotel" took some heat early on, from some because it was opening up the elimination of another local day part from Urban radio and from others because it just wasn't that good. It does look like it's rounding into shape though, this is at least the fourth new affiliate for the show in the past month. With the schedule Sweat keeps, (he's on the road performing practically every weekend) he's kept his focus and is vying for the open title of "Hardest Working Man in Show Business"...Keep it comin Keith!


Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Roseanne full of hot "Air" all this week

Comic/Actress Roseanne Barr and her latest boyfriend Johnny Argent are filling in all this week on Air America's night show "Clout" for host Richard Greene. Roseanne's done it all and radio isn't completely new to her having briefly done a show last year with Argent on KCAA Riverside CA. Talk about leaning left! I spent some time on her "Welcome to Roseanne World" website and was stunned. I think we all knew that Roseanne has a unique view of the world in a "crazy off-kilter" sort of way, but some of her views are shocking. However, I will not attempt to cloud your opinion, see for yourself here. Also you can hear the live stream of the Air America guest stint at

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Jones joins Jack, Sam, Bob and Alice

On the heels of Dial Global announcing it's pickup of the Jack format, (see syndication news) Jones Media America has announced that sister Jones Radio Network, is launching “Jones Variety Hits” on March 1st. That puts them squarely in competition with the Jack, Bob and Sam formats. Jones' version will target 35-44 year olds and lean heavily on artists like Elton John, Matchbox 20, Fleetwood Mac, Alanis Morisette, John Mayer and Prince. This becomes the 12th full service format available from Jones which includes research, imaging and production. According to Jones, what sets them apart will be the stations ability to develop local segments within the format that are interchangeable with the satellite delivered segments, allowing the stations to create a distinct local brand. Of course all of this is designed to provide a home for more commercial inventory (spots) for national advertisers in a format where Jones needed to compete.


Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Wendy Loses Another One

It's just been announced that WZTF in Florence, SC has replaced "The Wendy Williams Experience with the "Doug Banks Show". This is the fourth defection from the show since Westwood One picked up the syndication rights at the beginning of the year. The big announcement that the show was added by KDAY in Los Angeles in middays has been followed by subtractions, including WUSL, Philadelphia. A few of the other stations that have dropped the show are in smaller markets, but it can't be good for the Queen's ego to see these markets go away. There is talk that she could come back to WUSL or that another deal is in the works to return the show to Philly with another group all of which remains to be seen. Wendy could be in the middle of a not so perfect storm. Early research is showing that although big brands are critical in the PPM new world order of things, talk heavy shows like the Experience are not attractive to listeners on music based stations. Wendy is already up against a ton of challenges and when you add in Bank's move from mornings to afternoons this does not bode well for her. I've said this before and I'll say it again, the killer spot for her is satellite radio.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Feast Your Eyes on Rick and Bubba

This is taking the whole "see the show done live" thing to another level. SSI's Rick and Bubba Show is now broadcasting from "The Rick and Bubba Broadcast Plaza and Teleport" (o.k it is 2008 you know...). The set-up is an interactive facility with a "Today Show" like set with an outdoor plaza, in-studio theater seating, a live performance stage and multiple video monitors. The complex, located in suburban Birmingham, let's you see the stars in a fishbowl like studio that can be viewed from the street. Apparently these guys are doing quite well, this almost sounds as nice as Stern's Sirius studios. If you ever happen to be anywhere near Vestavia Hills Alabama and want to take a peek at two fat guys doing a show, their words not mine, here's directions on how to get there. click here

Friday, February 8, 2008

The Rickey Smiley Phenomenon

Syndication One's “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show” is picking up some steam. It was just announced that the show was added to Perry Broadcasting's KVSP Oklahoma City and URBan Radio urban outlets WJZE Toledo, WMSU Columbus, Miss. as well as WOWE/Flint, Mich., WJJN Dothan, Ala., WRSV Rocky Mount, N.C., KRVV Monroe, La., WJXM Meridian Miss., and KBCE Vicksburg Ms. That's a pretty impressive line-up for a show that has done well in Dallas but has had all sorts of internal strife going on that pegged Smiley, (a standup comic) as a difficult talent to work with. However, at one recent industry confab Rickey was touted as a golden child on par with Tom Joyner, Steve Harvey and Michael Baisden. I have to admit that I haven't heard the show in months, (will do that this week) so I don't know how improved it is from the rocky start it had in the beginning, but if nothing else, Rickey is passionate about his audience. That, along with his name recognition as a comedian, is resonating with small to mid market stations particularly in the south. It's an interesting battle on the Urban 18-34 morning show front with Rickey and Big Boy. There is enough difference in the targets and appeal of the two shows to carve out separate niches, but it's good to see some fresh choices in the marketplace.


Thursday, February 7, 2008

Big Boy gets Bigger and Bigger

His list of stations that is...While ABC Radio Networks former heavyweight Big Boy is keeping his weight down, his list of affiliates is growing. Since launching about five months ago, "Big Boy's Neighborhood" is up to 23 stations adding WHTZ San Diego, KXBT Austin and four Cumulus stations just this week. The "Big" knock on the show was its west coast origin (KPWR Los Angeles) and whether the show would work east of the Mississippi. I understand Big Boy is starting the show at 3AM PST to satisfy the East coast affiliates. That in itself shows a ton of dedication to the project. Not many shows would make that kind of sacrifice to syndicate west to east, and for that I give the man a BIG thumbs up!

Rosemary Young Joins Premiere

Rosemary Young is the new Sr. Producer/Country Programming for Premiere Radio Networks. Based in Nashville, she will oversee the "Country Today" prep service and syndicated country programming, including specials, remotes, and the radio elements of the CMA Awards. This a great move for Premiere, I knew and worked with Rosemary on some projects for SJS Entertainment and SFX Radio Network a few years back. Although we're in slightly different spaces right now, I hadn't heard her name lately and I'm glad that's she's still working her magic..great pro.


Got Syndication News?

Syndication News

Corcoran Upped at Dial Global

Chris Corcoran has been named senior VP of Dial Global's programming division. In addition, he will also be GM of show prep division, as well as oversee affiliate sales for both prep and programming. Corcoran previously served as VP of affiliate management for the company.

BA 's Smooth News

Broadcast Architecture has launched their "smooth news" service. The service is live and available for SMOOTH JAZZ NETWORK affiliates and is fed directly from the company’s websites and

Sovereign City Tests "Jim and Debbie"

Sovereign City Communications has begun beta testing a new morning show targeting women 35-54. "Your Morning with Jim and Debbie" will be anchored by former WCBS-FM New York personality Jim Harrington and WGKX Memphis morning host Debbie Montgomery. The show which is part of Sovereigns "positive programming" concept has no set start date.

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